Joanne Lee is one of Los Angeles’ most sought after personal trainers and nutritionists. Many of Joanne’s clients have to be ‘camera ready’ and Joanne’s reputation is that of a ‘conditioning coach’ with her ability to design both exercise and nutritional programs to suit any goal type.

 With Personal Training and Nutrition locations in Venice, Malibu and Santa Monica, Joanne’s knowledge and experience is also available to clients worldwide using her Online, Interactive Nutrition & Fitness Software.  Watch and learn with Joanne’s Nutrition & Weight Loss DVD series “If Diets Worked We’d All Be Skinny”


• Over 20 years in the fitness industry

• Certified Nutritionist

• Former Professional Athlete

• Nutrition and Weight Loss Author/Presenter/Mentor

• Functional Movement Specialist

• One of the most established and  successful Personal Trainers In “Golds Gym, Venice CA” – The MECCA and most famous gym in the world.

• Author of various exercise, performance and nutrition articles and seminars

Joanne is unique to most other personal trainers because of her nutrition coaching. Joanne teaches the science of nutrition, the hormones that govern our immediate metabolic state and provides nutritional programs that allow clients to make the permanent changes they deserve.  Joanne presents for corporate wellness programs and helps facilities implement nutrition into their workplace.

 JOANNE:  “I prefer to let my results speak for themselves, please take the time to look some of my clients here on my website, please read their testimonials and see their ‘before and after’ photos.

My work changes lives, the results we achieve are not short lived as my main purpose is to coach clients on how to make permanent changes that they can live with. It benefits me not at all to get someone in amazing shape only for it to last for a heartbeat and for them to end up right back to where they started. I see that all the time and it doesn’t have to be that way.

I have myself done every crazy diet and exercise routine to get in the exceptional condition that was demanded of my sport. It took me a decade or so to figure out what really worked to achieve the long term results everyone strives for. For the last 20 years I have walked the walk and lived the program that I am proud to promote today …”


 1. Locations in Venice, Malibu and Santa Monica

 2. At Home, Office, Studio or on location

 3. Online one-on-one nutrition and fitness coaching

 4. Online nutrition and fitness software for independent use

“Better Body, Better Life, Run Your Own Race

Los Angeles