Born, raised and educated in England

  • Track (100m, 200m) HIgh Jump at County Level
  • BA (Hons) Degree in Business
  • Competitive bodybuilding since 1985
  • Moved to Australia in 1992 and started Personal Training business
  • Moved to the United States in 1993 and started PT & Nutrition business
  • Presently lives in Malibu and offers one on one training/coaching from locations in Venice (Gold’s Gym), Malibu & Santa Monica



  • First competed at age 17, turned professional at the age of 22
  • British Bodybuilding Champion (overall)
  • European Bodybuilding Champion (overall)
  • World Champion (overall)
  • Ms Olympia finalist
  • Competed for 13 years … too many shows to list.
  • Retired from competition to concentrate on my training business
  • Triathlons  & Yoga and always my sprinting purely for fun.



From the youngest age I have always been involved in sports. First it was my running, then weight training, competitive bodybuilding for many years. Then on to Triathlons, Pilates/Yoga … alway running and weights, my two greatest loves.

A large portion of my work is with clients who have to be ‘Camera Ready’… Fitness models, competitors and Actors. Having competed on stages all over the world since being a teenager, the conditioning aspect has always been my forte. I know from personal experience the ins and outs of dieting, I know how the body responds to the influences imposed on it and I know how to overcome the obstacles we all face.

When I retired from competition I found by metabolism was quite compromised from the years of dieting and it was then that I really dedicated myself to the nutrition aspect of long term conditioning. To this day this still fascinates me. What I needed to know was not to be found in the weight loss industry (an outdated, invalid dinosaur of an industry that fails most everyone) nor was it to be found in the fitness industry (incredible yet short lived results). By studying clinical nutrition and physiology the answer became very clear. Creating the correct internal environment enables the body to release body fat, build muscle, re-fuel efficiently … perform optimally.

So many personal trainers (and even health clubs) offer no nutritional guidance at all and most of those who do simply offer a generic weight loss program that doesn’t promote compliance or longevity. The gyms of the world are full of people who never change, people train for marathons and never drop a pound, others lift weights year after year and never see a muscle, we add a few years and what worked before fails us Nothing works without nutrition and yet so few health professionals equip their clients with the knowledge they need.

My intention with all my clients is not to insist they commit to a strict nutrition program, my intention is to provide an education on nutrition and exercise, my belief is that with solid information people make better choices all by themselves.

I compare Nutrition and Exercise education to any skill, once you have mastered it you can choose
not to use it but you can never deny knowing how to use it.
As a resource for my clients and others I wrote and created a seminar series called “If Diets Worked We’d All Be Skinny”. We filmed it in Los Angeles and reproduced it in a 5 disc DVD series. I invite everyone to educate themselves towards a better body, a better life.

The Fitness and Nutritional program I offer here on www.joannelee.com is the system I have used for over 18 years. It has allowed me to stay in shape all year round, with energy and clarity and without cravings, hunger or the dreaded emotional roller coaster. It is the system I have used with all my clients and I am very excited and proud to be able to offer it online in a truly unique interactive form to anyone anywhere in the world: Nutrition & Fitness Coaching

In Los Angeles I am the Nutrition director at Santa Monica Sports Medicine, I am also the west coast Health
Pro Director for Venice Nutrition
, my role being to work with health professionals and facilities to show them how to integrate nutrition into their businesses.

Words to go by : 

“Complacency is the Devil and Boredom is Hell …. we need not meet either”