If Diets Worked We’d All Be SKINNY

DVD Nutrition & Weight Loss Series by Joanne Lee

This Seminar Series is intended to provide solid, valid, relevant and understandable information for those who want to achieve permanent results.

Diets based on deprivation and restrictions have been disproved by science many times over and yet still we have a thriving Weight Loss Industry.  An Industry that provides a product that cannot provide lasting results, an industry that sets its clients up to fail over and over again!

This series is for those who want to know more, for those who want to make decisions based on solid information, information that makes sense to them and that they can relate to.

There are 5 Presentations, each stands alone or can be watched as a series.  They are informative and fun and will provide solutions to the frustrations we have all encountered whatever our body type.

Some of the topics included –  

The proof why diets fail and the damage they do

Water Retention and Bloating, why it happens and how to avoid

How to speed up your metabolism quickly

Why we comfort eat, binge eat and all out of control eating!

Body types, which one are you ? How to exercise for your body type.

The Fat Cell Theory – why the kids of today may never lose the weight

Alcohol – its not the calories in the booze that makes you fat

When and why we plateau with weight loss and how breakthrough plateaus

Why the gyms of the world are full of people who never change !  When exercise doesn’t work.

Sleep and weight gain. .. and so much more …..





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Why No Diet Can Work, Why the Weight Comes Back and How to achieve Permanent Results

The Weight Loss Industry is a $40 billion industry with a long term failure rate of over 90%. A business that preaches outdated information and thrives off repeat customers who blame themselves (not the product) for their failings. We explore why diets cannot provide lasting results and why the weight will always come back. We then provide the solution backed by pure physiology on how to drop the weight and keep it off for good.

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Understanding Food and Exercise – What Works and What is a Simple Waste of Time

We take a closer look at the food that we eat. Understanding the macronutrients Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat and what the body actually does with them. Explaining the way the body actually breaks down body fat and creating the correct internal environment to allow your body to access fat for fuel. All exercises are not created equal. Which exercises burn the most fat and make the most efficient use of your time.

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Which Body Type are You? Moving Your Metabolism for Faster Results

Which body type are you and how do your genetics influence your achieving the body you want. Childhood obesity, the fat cell theory and facts every parent should know. What affects your metabolism, how diets can destroy your metabolism and solutions to protect and build your metabolic rate. The ultimate frustration, your body plateaus and wont shift. Providing the answers you need to move your set point and break through plateaus.

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The Ultimate Frustration – You Exercise More and Nothing Changes. Understanding Why This Happens and the Simple Answer to Getting Your Body Moving Again

The gyms of the world are full of people who never change, we show you why! There are two major hormonal influences that will shut down the body’s ability to use fat for fuel. This is pure physiology that no diet and no amount of exercise will undo. The good news is that the solutions are easy to implement and will work right away. Anybody that is trying to lose weight or gain muscle or has seen their waist line expand needs to see this. The information in this presentation will be your “ah ha” moment and will allow you to make the simple changes necessary to get the results you demand.

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Sleep Deprivation, Jet Lag, Alcohol and the Foods that Follow plus Water Retention and Bloating

A closer look at alcohol, what your body does with it, how it affects the body’s ability to use fat for fuel. Why we retain water, the hormones that govern water retention and how to avoid the bloat. How lack of sleep will make you gain weight. Recent studies have shown us the hormonal affects of sleep and how it affects cravings, hunger and fat deposits. A personal favorite of mine, this presentation highlights how there is so much more to body composition than the outdated Calories in VS Calories approach. A Weight Loss industry that grew from what we understood decades ago is so far removed from the information we now have at hand. Whatever your goal, this presentation is a must!




I can truly say that in these 5 DVD’s I explain nearly every frustration I have ever heard in my decades in the fitness industry.  I provide the understanding you need and the solutions you deserve.

Whatever your goal, please watch and enjoy, I am very proud to present




If Diets Worked We’d All Be SKINNY

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What people are saying about Joanne and “If Diets Worked We’d All Be Skinny!”


I used to think I was a “sugar addict.” A junk food junkie looking for her daily fix. My very first meeting with Joanne taught me about blood sugar stabilization and what was going on inside of my body when I’d have “my cravings.”  That information gave me the tools to correct my problem cravings and I haven’t had one since.

– HBanks, Los Angeles, CA


Joanne, i used to work in a fortune 500 company, i studied in college and at UCLA. That presentation was world class and top notch, among the best I’ve ever attended. I cannot speak enough about it. On my way to a clients party, going drag them in for Thursday performance.



I just wanted to tell you how much our meeting 2 months ago helped! After eating low calorie and low fat for 15 years, I thought I had figured out being lean. However, after your seminars I made small changes to my diet which have made HUGE impacts on my body fat. For the past 8 years, I have weighed between 178 and 183 by doing a ton of cardio and eating extremely low fat/calorie. Since our meeting, I have swapped my Cliff Bar for a Balance bar, went from large sandwiches to small sandwiches with Double Meat, and am eating more high protein meals. Additionally, I’m doing half the cardio and I’m currently weighing 174 at 6’2″ and mostly muscle.



I finished my first full marathon yesterday out in Pasadena and our nutritional plan worked very well for me.
While of course it takes stamina and training, the nutrition portion was always the most frustrating that wasn’t working until I came to your presentations and made use of the suggestions you gave I didn’t touch the Cliff shots, sport beans, gu’s or any other carb laden “runners” and I felt amazing throughout the whole run !

STEVE HERBERT, Los Angeles Tri Club


You have touched my life in the most positive ways, for which I’m so grateful.  You hit upon something I forgot to mention, which is I love the depth of your understanding, and how inquisitive you are about how this stuff actually works, and your willingness to experiment and actually see what works, and what doesn’t.   I also realize I’m not the easiest project (ok, not a good word) due, I suppose, to my pickiness and to my need to have everything explained to me.  But, I think you kind of enjoy that and that makes everything, well, fun!
I appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm, which really make the entire process ever so much more enjoyable!

You are quite a special person, and I feel very fortunate to have found you.

– NATHAN, Los Angeles


I wanted to congratulate you on your recent presentations.  Everything you said makes total sense!

I have been a chronic dieter for decades and you would think after so much time I would have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t.  In truth, nothing has worked and I was non the wiser. After attending your presentations I feel that I totally understand why no diet can ever work for me (or anyone else) and I understand how there is so much more to in that just eating less or counting points (I cant believe I did that) make the simple adjustments you suggested and the cravings I have lived with since my 20’s have gone, I dropped a few pounds the first week and that number continues to go down.

Most importantly I understand what I am doing now.  You were so right, there is no longevity in just being told what to do, you have to have an understanding – and now I do.

I cannot thank you enough, I cant stop talking about you!

-JEANNIE, Hancock Park


Having trained with some of the biggest names in the fitness industry I thought I had seen and heard it all. That is until I trained with Joanne!

What makes her unique is her ability to figure out what works best for each individual and then to put it into a workout that is fun and geared towards rapid results.

Joanne is a true inspiration and her passion for life and fitness is contagious. I have recommend Joanne to many people and would not hesitate to do so again and again.

Joanne is the ultimate fitness and lifestyle coach.



Perfect!  This is just what I have been looking for .. information with no bias and no hype I’d have to say I think your workshops have been extremely informative, an eye opener, and opens a new perspective on viewing our health. Thank you so much for tools I can use to live a healthier and more enjoyable life to come!



Many thanks for inviting me to your “If Diets Worked We’d All Be Skinny” seminar earlier this month. It was a Life-Changing event for me. You have an inimitable manner and skillfulness in the way in which you research, present and finally communicate your topics so that when your audience walks away they not only understand but actually feels your central ideas and themes.

Your profound message of the cumulative harmful affects which alcohol and the lack of effective sleep has on the Human Body/Condition really hit me right between my eyes ! While I will enjoy a nice glass of wine — or 2 — with some good friends my definition of “Party Time” has changed from doing whatever it takes to feel good and uninhibited for the next few hours to making wise decisions today so that I can enjoy my life and win the ultimate test — The Test Of Time.

RICHARD PECK, Pacific Palisades


“It wasn’t until I started training with Joanne that I saw REAL changes occur with my body. Honest, straightforward and easy to follow, Joanne’s plan of diet and fitness was the missing key to taking my physique to the next level.  NPC Pro Card here I come!”

JILL RUDSON, NPC National Level Figure Competitor & Client of Joanne Lee


Joanne Lee takes training and nutrition to a whole new level. Joanne doesn’t just speak it, she lives it, and in doing so inspires everyone around her. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to have worked with such an wonderful, knowledgeable and awe inspiring person. What once only seemed like a impossible dream for me, was turned into a reality with Joanne’s vision, dedication, patience and guidance. Her wisdom goes beyond the gym or the kitchen, it carries with you through everyday life.



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