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Sleep Deprivation, Jet Lag, Alcohol and the Foods that Follow plus Water Retention and Bloating

A closer look at alcohol, what your body does with it, how it affects the body’s ability to use fat for fuel. Why we retain water, the hormones that govern water retention and how to avoid the bloat. How lack of sleep will make you gain weight. Recent studies have shown us the hormonal affects of sleep and how it affects cravings, hunger and fat deposits. A personal favorite of mine, this presentation highlights how there is so much more to body composition than the outdated Calories in VS Calories approach. A Weight Loss industry that grew from what we understood decades ago is so far removed from the information we now have at hand. Whatever your goal, this presentation is a must!

I had the most fun researching and writing this presentation, it is the one presentation I get requested to repeat more than any other.

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