All Personal Training prices are for Golds Gym, Venice CA, for other locations please contact Joanne directly


JoannLeePhysicalLogo_250px• PT One session (60 minutes)   $130

JoannLeePhysicalLogo_250px• PT 10 sessions (to be used within 90 days)   $1200

JoannLeePhysicalLogo_250px• PT 20 sessions (to be used within 90 days)   $2100

Nutrition at Santa Monica location or by phone/email

For full package descriptions please go to our Nutrition LA Location

JoannLeePhysicalLogo_250px• Start up Package    $450

JoannLeePhysicalLogo_250px• Single Consult (90 minutes)   $300

JoannLeePhysicalLogo_250px• Follow up sessions (60 minutes)   $150

JoannLeePhysicalLogo_250px• 6 week program    $1800

JoannLeePhysicalLogo_250px• 12 week program    $3400

JoannLeePhysicalLogo_250px• “Big Day” program    $5200

JoannLeePhysicalLogo_250px• Metabolic Test (Los Angeles only)   $100

(Metabolic testing is included in the price of any nutrition program, it is not included in follow up sessions)

 ‘If Diets Worked We’d All Be Skinny’ | DVD Series

JoannLeePhysicalLogo_250px• DVD #1  If diets worked we’d all be skinny   $25

JoannLeePhysicalLogo_250px• DVD #2  Everything Counts   $25

JoannLeePhysicalLogo_250px• DVD#3  Metabolism & Set Points   $25

JoannLeePhysicalLogo_250px• DVD #4 When Working out is NOT Working Out   $25

JoannLeePhysicalLogo_250px• DVD#5  The Price of the Party   $25

JoannLeePhysicalLogo_250pxDVD set    $110